Delaware Integrative Medicine


Delaware integrative medical center combines state of the art western medicine with Holistic and other alternative medical therapies and utilizes ancient knowledge of natural medicine with sophisticated European biological medicine and modern quantum vibrational energy medicine. Our approach to the practice of medicine is NOT in treating the symptoms of the disease. Instead, our goal is to eliminate the causes of dysfunction and to harmonize and balance the whole human organism which restores total health . The "Cellular medical" approach harnesses the innate ability of cells and tissues to restore wellness. This is achieved by stimulating normal metabolism, growth and function on the cellular level. We do not rely on drugs and other chemical or procedures that just treat symptoms. Dr Childers is board certified in General Surgery, Cardio-thoracic surgery, advanced certificates in both FSM and ozone therapy. He is a fellow in the American Academy of Ozone Therapy and is co-investigator on the Health and Human Services Institutional Review Board Ozone efficacy research study.


20930 DuPont Blvd, Suite 203
Georgetown, Delaware 19947
United States

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