Dr. Bronner Handwerger NMD is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor. He is licensed by the state of California as a primary care doctor, and is an expert in the field of Preventive and Integrative Medicine. His patients affectionately call him "DocBron" DocBron also utilizes state of the art genetic and functional medicine testing that reveals risk factors long before they ever become apparent. This way, many people can modify lifestyle and nutrient intake to make beneficial and lasting changes, and avoid ever becoming sick. His unique approach to understanding the underlying cause of his patients problems sheds new light for many and helps them to find solutions. DocBron is a patient advocate in the journey toward optimal health. He believes in “first doing no harm,” “the healing power of nature," and “less is more.” DocBron believes in educating his patients so they can make informed decisions regarding their health care. For regular updates, follow DocBron here or also on Twitter @docbron.


8950 Villa La Jolla Dr. Suite #A107
La Jolla, California 92037
United States

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(858) 254-5433

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