I am a cosmetic physician with Orthopedic, Surgical and Anti-Aging training. My Practice is directed at helping patients improve their health and quality of life as they mature. “Beauty is not just skin deep”, but goes all the way to the bone. We start with bone and joint health; add diet, vitamin and exercise programs, and round out the complete care picture with natural hormone support and stem cell rejuvenation. Beauty is achieved with a healthy body, which reflects in young skin that shines with the natural youth and beauty we have brought forth with the Vampire Face and Body Lift and Angel Kiss technologies. We specialize in serving men and women who want to build, maintain and grow healthy bodies and joints for their life-styles and sports. At our office, Aging is a disease to be combated with all the modern, homeopathic and naturopathic resources available from around the world, tailored to fit your individual needs.


11400 Bustleton Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19116
United States

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Monday through Friday: 11:00AM to 5:00PM

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