The O-shot for improvement of sexual function and overall rejuvenation of the vagina was invented by Dr. Charles Runels, a physician from Alabama. He is fondly referred to as Mr. Orgasm. The O-shot and P-shot are treatments that have been trending in 2017 and have gained a lot of attention in the media.

The O-shot and P-shot have the ability to enhance intimacy among couples, regardless of their ages. These treatments were initially developed to assist men and women suffering from sexual dysfunction. The O-shot was specifically tailored for women and the P-shot for men. This procedure makes use of PRP. PRP refers to the healing power within one’s blood since PRP contains factors of growth that have been used in sports medicine as well as dentistry for several years.

PRP has eight identifiable factors of growth and has the ability to rejuvenate, consequently triggering healing and rejuvenation. When it is injected into the penis or vagina, it aids in the body’s natural process of healing, rejuvenating the cells and increasing circulation. Some of the benefits of PRP when injected into the vagina include reduction of moderate stress urinary incontinence, improved lubrication as well as boosted orgasmic function.

Additionally, when injected into the penis, PRP increases the growth of tissue which in turn increases penile size and creates firmer and harder erections through improved flow of blood. Other benefits of the O-shot (orgasm shot) and P-shot include increased sensitivity and improved libido in both men and women. This is why this treatment is gaining popularity quite fast especially in the USA.

After this treatment, women reported that their partners realized improved tightness in their vaginas and increased lubrication. On the other hand, men also reported positive changes in their girths and lengths accompanied with harder and firmer erections just within weeks of being injected. PRP uses a patient’s blood and so there is no risk of allergies or any harmful side effects.

There are two steps to this treatment; extraction of the PRP from a woman’s blood, usually harvested from the arm. The PRP is then re-injected into the clitoris and the vagina’s ceiling using a syringe. This infusion of white blood cells increases lubrication and sensitivity thereby allowing a patient to easily climax. Up to date, over 20,000 women have undergone this procedure and an 85% success rate has been documented.

Furthermore, this procedure can cure incontinence and pain during intercourse that is caused by anything from scarring after delivery to post-radiation dryness or even female genital mutilation.

The P-shot (Priapus shot), is a specific way of treating the penis with growth factors derived from a man’s own blood. It is important to know that sexual dysfunction is a major issue since it has a great impact on relationships as well as the quality of life. It has been proven through studies that one in every ten men has sex-related problems and PRP has opened up new and exciting possibilities.

The P-shot procedure

It lasts for about forty minutes and is quite easy to perform. The patient is administered with local anaesthesia, preferably lidocaine; it is applied to the glands and penis shaft. About 60ml of the patient’s blood is taken under the right aseptic conditions and placed in a special high-speed centrifuge to produce 10ml of PRP.

After the penis is sterilized, the PRP is activated using a few drops of calcium chloride to trick the platelets that the body has an injury by initiating fibrinogen cleavage and fibrin polymerisation so that growth factors can be released. The harvested PRP is then injected into the corpus cavernosum as per the P-shot protocol. Treatment can also be tailored as per the patient’s complaint and indication of the treatment.

The growth factors will then trigger size increase, trigger stem cells to boost the flow of blood and generate healthy growth of tissues. This goes on for three months. Moreover, it will also aid in regaining the sensitivity in patients with diabetes by generating CN. When coupled with a certified penis pump, this treatment helps patients realize an increase in length and girth.

Patients will notice an increase when the penis is flaccid within an average of five weeks and when erect, within an average of five months of continuous use of the pump after the P-shot treatment. Selected patients could also have this treatment repeated within a year or less and no limits exist to the number of times this treatment should be offered. Patients also reported more pleasure during intercourse and an increased ability to achieve and sustain an erection for longer period.

After care

The P-shot has no downtime and zero to little discomfort. Patients can even workout and have sex on the same day. Additionally, there are no side effects apart from the drops of blood from the point of injection and mild soreness. Very few cases of bruising or swelling is reported and this is solved by anti-inflammatory medication.


Patients who have undergone P-shot for male sexual dysfunction have reported:

The O-shot procedure

A strong anaesthetic cream is applied to the anterior wall of the vagina and the clitoris after retraction of the clitoral hood. The injection is then done as per the O-shot procedure.

The after care is the same as mentioned in the P-shot procedure above.